Heather and Kellen

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Our Story

7 years ago, Heather reached out to an old friend and invited herself over. Friend and Friend's sister spent the whole night complaining about their ridiculously noisy upstairs neighbor.

Drinks were had.

Walking back to the apartment, Friends Drunk sister screams at the noisy upstairs neighbor, who was on the balcony, that if they were going to be loud, the least they could do is invite us up so we didn't have to hear it.

Kellen's response: "You can come up if you want!" -and that's exactly what Heather did.

In a bold move of alcohol induced bravery, Heather introduced the neighbors to a game called "Rage Cage" but -oh no!-Heather doesn't drink beer! Kellen, ever the gentleman, offered to be her drinking partner and drink her cups that got stacked. By the end of the game sparks were flying.

As the night turned to morning Kellen thought Heather "was hot and fun!” and made his move; he stared into her eyes, grabbed her hips and started to dance with her before leaning in for a kiss. This was not just any kiss- he got a feeling that he had never felt before and knew this was something he "couldn’t let go of”.

Heather was being pulled away by her friend because they had to be up for a trip in just a few hours. But she knew she had to do something to ensure she saw Kellen again. so she snuck out of the girl's apartment, walked back into Kellen’s place and she asked if she could steal his hat-he agreed.

They exchanged phone numbers and the rest, as they say, is history!